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What is our Soap made of?

What does our soap contain?

Our soap contains a mixture of:

Castor oil,

Castor oil is good for your hair, and it is a product used in natural shampoos and conditioners. It is used because it attracts moisture to your skin and hair. Castor oil is also great because it creates a good amount of lather.

Almond oil,

Almond oil is high in vitamins E, A and D. Almond oil is also a great conditioner for hair, or dry or cracked skin. Almond oil is also used for the amount of bubbles it makes.                               

Mango Butter,

Mango butter is great because it makes your skin soft, and leaves it feeling luxurious. Mango butter is also used to make the bar last longer.

Coconut oil,

Coconut oil is used in our soap because it is high in antioxidants. Coconut oil is also great against acne, and it is also a great remover of dead skin cells or dirt.

Shea butter,

Shea butter is used in our soap for its moisturizing properties. It is great for keeping your skin smooth and soft, as well as being a great disinfectant.

Cocoa Butter,

Cocoa butter is used for its hardness properties. Being from the cacao tree, cocoa butter makes our bars harder and longer lasting, as well as contributing a small amount of conditioning.

Palm oil,

Palm oil is similar to cocoa butter in that it gives our bars structure. Along with that, it has excellent moisturizing and antioxidant properties.